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Exquisite Safari Itinerary From Mwanza, Tanzania

Adventurous Safari Options with Incredible Sightseeing Opportunities

One-Way Tours and Safaris is a well-known company providing a specialized selection of safari packages to discover the mesmeric settings of Tanzania like spectacular landscapes, rare-to-find wild animals, bird species, friendly local tribal people, exclusive art and culture. Our safari from Mwanza Tanzania is one of the best tour itineraries; which involves a journey from Mwanza to Serengeti National Park and then again to Mwanza. With our well-experienced and talented tour operators, you will enjoy game drives in the dramatic landscapes of the western corridor at Serengeti National Park; which is such an unforgettable experience.

Tracking Opportunities Of Extensive Wildlife In Tanzania Safari

Our safari from Mwanza Tanzania offers an excellent chance to witness the wooded landscapes with plentiful elephants, zebras, giraffes, impala, waterbuck, ostrich and several animals. The game drive to the central Serengeti National Park, will provide excellent views of wide open plains and full of grass area of the Serengeti National Park. During your Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater Safari, you will get to see cheetah, leopards and lions. Our safari from Mwanza involves 1 night and 2 days journey. That means, our tour guides will help you with your camp chores, such as setting up your tent.

Choose the safari from Mwanza Tanzania of One-Way Tours and Safaris and enjoy visiting around the wildlife on their natural habitat!

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