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Great Lakes Circuit: lake victoria and lake Tanganyika-Tanzania.



Ukerewe Island in lake Victoria is the nicest paradise for people who love historic Sites and for people who, like to relax by bicycle riding , sailing boat or walking tour. Being an Island, Ukerewe provides excellent opportunities for enjoying the scenic landscape— dominated by the blue lake glittering among the islands and points. You can also see the different ecological zones, visit historical places and enjoy the folklore in the villages. Fishing is an important industry in Ukerewe district and a lot of fishing boats as well as Canoes and traditional dhows, can narrow waters between the many smaller islands.

The district is inhabited by the Wakerewe people, who from the old days have been reined by the Chief of Ukerewe. The Mtemis. The chief had very strong powers and they ruled with both cruelty and magic.

Ukerewe Island is 50 kms long and between 25 to 35 kms wide. It is a rocky island with smaller hills. The subsoil is dominated by crystalline rocks - from the oldest Precambrian earth period-, which are strongly lateralized. The landscape varies between flat land, cassava and rice fields, fruit plantations, rocks, rocky and sandy shores, beautiful lakeshores, and pine forest. The main town on Ukerewe is Nansio; where the ferries from Mwanza arrive and as well accommodate the district headquarter.

Eagle, Cormorants, and an occasional

Crowned Crane. Sports fishing are possible on almost any location around the island.

Most inhabitants are living in the many traditional villages scattered around the island. Along the shore is found scenic fishing hamlets, where the local fishermen land their night’s catch. Ukerewe is a paradise for birdwatchers, especially at the west shore and on its smaller islands. Here is found Eagles, Cormorants, and an occasional Crowned Crane. Sports fishing are possible on almost any location around the island.


Rubondo Island is the only Park on Lake Victoria. The Park is located on the south-western of lake victoria.The Park has 456 birds species. Rubondo Island protectes another 11 Islets,non much larger than 2km sq, The island has no rivers and the soil is volcanic. the Park is an important breeding ground for both migratory birds and fish species esp. Tilapia and Nile Perch. Animals found in Rubondo island including; Sitatunga, Elephants,Girrafes, Hippos, Crocodile and Chimpanzee.


Mahale is Located in the western Tanzania to the south of Kigoma town. it is bordering Lake Tanganyika, The world largest second deepest and least polluted fresh water lake. The park was established in 1980 covering the an area of 1.613sq km. Things to do while in Mahale NAtional Park including; Chimp tracking, Hiking, Camping safaris, Snorkelling and Sport fishing.(allow two days)


The Park covering an area of 52 sq km. it located 16km(10miles north of Kigoma on the shore of Lake Tanganyika in western Tanzania. This Park was established in 1968. Things to do while in Gombe includes; Chimpanzee tracking, Hiking, Swimming/Snorkelling. also you can visit the site of Henry Stanleys.

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